Limited time offer: starting out specials for my gigs, Please don't miss it


Hi all :smiley:

I have started a new account because my old account was disabled due to mentioning a sensitive in the letter… its sad… but here I am starting up all over again, and for reaching my first 10 orders I’m going to offer some special Bonus, and its only for the first 10 orders, so please don’t miss out! please mention the word “forum special” or mention to me you have seen this in the forum to redeem this:

Bonus: I’ll render your image in full 720p HD instead of 480p(854x480) doubles the size, and I’ll also sent you an .obj or .fbx file of the 3d model.

Bonus: I’ll double the size from the original 480p into 720p render, twice the resolution of the video render.

Bonus: I’ll double the output image size to 720p full HD, and also sent you a psd file.

Bonus: I’ll translate 400 words instead of 300 words.

Again, these bonuses only applies for the first 10 orders, if one of them have 10 feedbacks already, effectively means your next order isn’t within the first 10 orders, then this bonus isn’t valid for that particular gig anymore, so please be quick :slight_smile:

I look forward to work with you all!