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Limiting How Many Gigs A Buyer Can Purchase


I would really love a feature that allows sellers to limit the amount of gigs a person can buy at one time. Buying multiple gigs doesn’t increase the work time I have, and if I increase it overall, I lose sales. Also, it decreases the incentive for buyers to purchase extras.

I just became a level two seller and it’s the worst thing to happen to me–people keep buying 4+ gigs and there’s just no way I can finish them all. If I could limit them to one, they could buy larger packages with my extras, and allot me the extra time I need to finish it on time.

Can we please have a choice in how many gigs a buyer can purchase at once for each of our gigs?


Reply to @kjblynx: Exactly right on both counts (I edited it the mistake–thank you!), especially when it comes to making it gig specific. Some gigs are easier in bulk, and some are just nightmares. It should just be an option that can be changed when making the gig.


It would be great to be able to set the Gig Quantity option. There are gigs that a Seller might want to sell a set quantity of something for $5 and offer larger quantity options through extras, not through multiple gigs.


I am also getting multiple jobs without extra time. What is the best way to get the time you need?