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Limiting Orders in Queue for TRS Only [(Aug '16)NOT just for breakfast anymore!]

[Admin Note: When @joey released this post, this feature was for TRS only! Now, like orange juice, Limit Orders is not just for TRS and available any time of day to everyone! Woohoo!]

Limiting Orders in Queue


If you are very busy or cannot handle a large number of orders, you can set a limit on the orders you can receive. Once the limit you set is reached, your Gig will be paused. This allows you to properly handle orders while continuing to provide great service.

Note: This feature is currently available for Top Rated Sellers only.

To limit the amount of orders in your queue:

After you login, place your mouse over your username and click Selling > My Gigs.
To set an order limit, click a Gig.
Click to turn on the LIMIT ORDERS IN QUEUE feature.

Note: Using this feature allows you to control the number of orders you can receive. Once the limit you set is reached, your Gig will temporarily be removed from Fiverr’s search. Disabling this feature returns your Gig to Fiverr’s search (approximately 15 minutes later).

Set the amount of orders you can handle.
Click to turn on Keep direct link active feature.

Note: This keeps your Gig link active allowing returning buyers

Note: The only problem I see is that sometimes I get more orders in one gig then the other, so at times my day can fill up with just 1 type of gig or a variety of gigs… so use wisely depending on the sales turn over of your gigs so watch your analytics closely so you can determine the best option limit!

Thanks for that explanation. I’m top rated seller but so far have not got the LIMIT ORDERS IN QUEUE option available. Maybe soon it will appear.

Lol, I would like to meet a seller who has to do this… I would back down my deadline but would never pause my gigs because of Too Many in the queue. This feature will rarely be used…IMO.

Yes it’s sort of the opposite of what we really want isn’t it which is as many orders as possible in our queue. I’ve heard some sellers do this however.

I think most of us who would find this useful can not ever become top rated sellers as our gigs are time consuming, we have other jobs or other things that limit the amount of gigs we can handle.
Personally have been asking for this feature for years.

Seems like some sellers like the feature but my question is how often will it be used? Unless they plan on a huge marketing/advertising push that we don’t know about I’m not sure I would ever use it, but who knows?! :slight_smile:

Hi, I would rather use the vacation mode than opt for this…

When it is rolled out to everyone, I will consider using the feature.

There are sellers with hundreds of orders in their queues so they might use it.

I’ve never paused a gig unless I was working on it.

I rather would have the option to disable multiple order quantity.

Well, that depends on what you’re selling…for a freelance writer, that feature is absolutely critical, maybe not so for a web designer.

Yup, I mean just for me or my setup. :slight_smile: I have my payment structure setup in a way that also is tied into 24 hour delivery. Anything more then what my basic special offers, I make my customers order individual orders with a daily limit per customer.

Ah ha!

That is it, limit the amount of a 1st time buyer, versus other buyers, I think that would be a good idea too!

Interesting feature, so let me ask you. Suppose that someday I’m getting 40 orders a day, would I not be better off becoming a 7-day or 2-week delivery guy to avoid losing money? The idea of having my gig removed from search scares me.