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Limiting quantities: is this possible?

I’m wondering if there is a way to limit quantities on a package. I’ve had a few instances where someone bought 10 gigs at once and while I’m thrilled to have the work, it’s not always possible to get the work done in the basic gig turnaround time. This is especially true if it’s a busy week. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hi and yes there is a way to limit your orders.
Click Selling > My Gigs.
To set an order limit, click a Gig.
Click to turn on the LIMIT ORDERS IN QUEUE feature

Thank you!

I checked this out, but it looks like it will limit the total number of orders. I’m looking to limit what one person can order at once, Does this make sense?

It makes sense, but there’s no option to do that.

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If you’re NOT using packages then multiple gigs in a single order is allowable. I THINK (not totally sure) if you move to packages, buyers shouldn’t be able to order more than one package/gig at a time. From there, if you need to limit orders in queue, you can do so as @sherkhanshani suggested.

Each Level allows for a different number of gig multiples per order. There may be a way to turn this off. Contact Customer Support and ask? I haven’t seen it on the forums yet, but perhaps you can be our guinea pig?

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Thanks for responding. I’m going to look around again and see what I can find out and perhaps contact Customer Support as you suggested.

Please let me know how your inquiry turns out! Very interested!

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