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Lingering "unread message" notification in my to-do list - SOLVED


I’ve cleared my cache, cookies, passwords, etc., etc., restarted my computer, pretty much everything and there’s still, at the top of my to-do list, a notification letting me know I have an unread message–even though it doesn’t actually exist. Anyone else having this problem?

Someone else figured out how to solve it! Here’s the link to their forum post:


I was having that issue for a while! I discovered that the cause was that buyers were updating their orders (replying to a question I asked them within the order, providing me with an additional attachment, etc). I would have to go through my notifications, find the order that was “updated” with information by the buyer, and then click on that order to make the “message” go away. It was really annoying to me until I figured out where it was coming from – because clicking the button doesn’t actually take you to the “unread” message!!


YES! I am having that problem now and it’s so annoying. @amandygran, so you’re saying we have to go through all notifications to find where they are coming from? I’ll try that, but the only thing is Fiverr only shows notifications from so far back. Thanks for the advice!

@emasonwrites, I hope it works for you as well :slight_smile:



hey i have also seen something like that after the fiverr update. i guess that might be a bug or something.


Reply to @amandygran: That’s what I did, too, when it first started, and it reduced them down to one. I’ve checked every single order, and there’s still one left!


Same problem with me.

And if you click on unread messages, they are empty. lol



I do have this notification!!!

like if i have unread messages, but i havent them in the mailbox.

I also confirm that i had some ORDER updates from customers not notified from the app or from the site…

So if this messages “bug” and the updates from the orders are related, i wish they will find a way to correct it, because it is hard to check daily tons of orders one by one

It takes a lot of time, and sometimes we realy havent it



And however is not so nice to do not receive any reply for a buyer… Im really in trouble with this bug, because sometimes i don’t see updates and id like to reply always faster and in the efficient way… This is frustrating.

Did any one solve it?


Reply to @renflowergrapx: Someone figured it out! Here’s the link to her post on the forum: