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Link my account in Forum Account

Hi there,

I’m NEW here. When I’m visiting someone’s forum account, I have seen their seller account link.

I am tried to add my link to my forum account. But I did not find it. Can anyone help me with how to add my profile link in the forum account?

Have a great day EVERYONE :slight_smile:

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Click your profile photo in the top menu bar > your name on the top left > Preferences > Profile

There, you can add a link to your Fiverr profile in the “Website” field. (just in case - do not put your actual website there, if you have any, not allowed! :wink: )


Thank you very much. I did it. Can you clarify, now is it showing or not?

Congratulation! You are a TOP RATED seller.

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Yes, I can see your link, mission accomplished :slight_smile:
And thanks.


Thank you too. Have a great day!