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Link Provided by Buyer not working ask me to cancel the job

Today i received my first order on Fiverr. In instructions buyer stated that open the link and enter the data in Sheet. (Web to Excel). A simple Data Entry work but Link provided by buyer is not opening and in instructions buyer said in video demo to try open the link using VPN Zenmate or touchVPN. I tried both and many others but link not open.
I left with no option but to cancelled the project.
It feels bad after waiting 34 days and continuous submitting buyer requests got order but then above issue happened. Now due to this i lost revenue & my order completion rate will decrease and cancellation rate will increase which affects my profile :frowning:


That’s very unfortunate, especially considering it was your first order ever. Instead of canceling the order, could you have asked the buyer to provide you the information in some other (accessible) form, perhaps?

In any case, what’s happened is in the past now, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I would suggest that you continue applying to more BRs and marketing your gigs to your target audience. I hope that you find another buyer soon.

Good luck! :sunny: