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Link to your gig with all extras selected

Hi all,

I am trying to use my gig page as landing page, is there a way to link to my gig so when it opens all extras will be checked so all left is client to make the order with the sum I decide,?

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Are you saying that UNLESS a buyer removes the checks on the gig extras, his order will include all of them? And he has to UNCHECK the boxes if he doesn’t want the gig extras? That’s a pretty damn sneaky way to get $100 to $120 dollars out of your customers on a $5 gig.

Personally, I can’t stand when I place an order and then notice a “small print” sentence which says something like “Check this box only if you don’t want to receive our free newsletter”…or, “You will receive information from our partners unless you uncheck this box” or whatever. I think that is a sneaky way to do business, and I usually don’t go back because now I don’t trust this business to be honest.

Reply to @celticmoon:

What I meant to is to use the gig as landing page , on my site ( or the site I advertise my service) I will let the customer know exactly what he is ordering,

I don’t want to be sneaky, just want to sell packages and on my own price, I hope you understand now.


There was some kind of tool to do automated tasks if you do a certain action. You might want to look into that(But I believe that would mean that the buyer in question would already have to be using that already.),

If that doesn’t do it, then chances are no.

If you’re that confident with your selling, why not just sell directly on your own page? Or just simply lay it out clearly to the buyer what they get with and without extras.

OK, I understand what you’re saying, but I still thinks it’s kindof sneaky, having the gig extras already checked. But I get why you feel you need to do this, because so many buyers don’t read, or don’t understand how to order exactly what they think they want or don’t bother messaging you first. I’m not sure that customers coming in from your website are going to read descriptions or understand much better, but good luck with that.

Reply to @celticmoon: I think you still don’t understand, I have no intentions to be sneaky like your thoughts,

What I want to do is to make a banner with a certain price for a design package, anyone who likes the work can click the banner and buy, I’m just using extras to set the right price and use fiverr as project management system,

I hope you understand now, no sneaky no fraud, people see and know what they are ordering,

thanks anyway

Reply to @freelancemm: Thanks , but IFTTT doesn’t do that, it;s only about if do


No, I understand exactly what you’re saying. I just still don’t agree with your method.

This is a bad trick kind sir! You should not do this imo.

2 reasons,

1 lets say someone clicks order the gig and it has your trick with all the extras selected.

Not only you will be forcing they to pay you EXTRA MONEY WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT.

But what do you think it will happend once the buyer gets to the “place your details to start the order” and see all the extras selected?

This site is called Fiverr , not

You should stick to the basic $5 gig and let them choose.

2 - im sure people will be ignorant enough to fall for something like this so please DONT do this.

If you dont i will give you a cookie …for $5 that is. LOL.

<3 Biancha

Guys I use banner with my price 100$ for a design, the client is free to make the buy or not, I tell him the price before making the order and what he gets!!!

what’s wrong with that,? :slight_smile: