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Linked accounts - Instagram?

I was looking to link some account to my Fiverr page. Unfortunately, I couldn’t link my Instagram account. This is my biggest social media account, it would be wonderful to get both linked.

I don’t know if other sellers would like this as well, but I thought why not make a post of it :slight_smile:

Maybe there’s a specific reason behind it, I don’t know. If anyone knows more about it, let me know! Maybe it would be a nice feature to have for Fiverr.


Hey, Nathan!

TGIF! :tada:

It really doesn’t matter one way or the other because Buyers can’t see these links. This is more of an internal thing for Fiverr. I haven’t linked any of my accounts, maybe that will change in the future who knows. But, Fiverr always welcomes suggestions and whatnot. So, maybe, just maybe they’ll add IG.

Ah, that explains a lot x), thanks Nika!

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Also, that would be sharing your contact details outside of Fiverr and that’s a big NO NO. If I had my IG linked I’m pretty sure a lot of people would be contacting me though DM rather than here :slight_smile:

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I am pretty sure they have change the politics. At least now is much better to ling your IG account that will make you little bit more popular, and your Fiverr acc as well

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