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Linked in & Fiverr Safe Marketing


I hate marketing. It’s easy peasy if you are marketing a brand with that brand’s money but marketing yourself effectively? It’s like holding a teacup in drizzle hoping for enough water to make a hamster a cuppa.

Anyway. I’ve worked off Fiverr with some biggish brands in the past and I’m starting to bring these over to Linkedin. The thing is, I’ve also worked with a lot of biggish and bigger brands on Fiverr. The only problem? Even though I can find those brands on Linkedin I’m pretty sure that I would be breaking Fiverrs TOS if I tried to connect with them.

Unless… What if started encouraging brands to hit me up on Linkedin rather than the other way around? i.e. “Thank you for your order, I hope that you are wowed by your delivery and if so, make sure to like and comment on my services via social media.” - Something like that.

Completely illegal or doable?