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"linked" option in fiverr forum is not linked to likedin...why?


As there is a option of sharing the fiverr gigs on FB ,twitter,linkedin but the forum posts in these new fiverr forum structure has only the option to link the post to twitter and facebook but no option to link the post to linkedin…why is it so?


I don’t really know, but since this forum only went live yesterday and it’s barely customized so far, it’s not too surprising. You wouldn’t be sharing your gig from the forum, you would be sharing forum posts from the forum. Gigs are shared from within Fiverr itself. You can copy/paste a link from the forum to LinkedIn for now. I’m not sure how important a LinkedIn button would be on the forum, but it could be added to a wish list once the forum has it’s more critical features fully functional.


it may be so…let see whether it would be added in future or not…