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LinkedIn and how to publish your reviews on LinkedIn


How to link your account on LinkedIn and how to publish your reviews on LinkedIn


You can’t publish your gig reviews on LinkedIn. That’s not how gigs work. Your reviews are only visible on the gig they are associated with, or in total on your bio page.


Thankyou sir for information

I think what he meant is he wants to copy text from the reviews and publish that as a post.

On another note, is text on forum copyright protected? For example, if I want to use the topic title or part of the post in my book, is that against CC? I am not saying I will add an author or anything connecting to the author of the topic or post.

That’s a question best asked of Fiverr’s legal department.

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It’s definitely owned and copyrighted by fiverr. This forum and everything on it is their property.

I’m pretty sure that your posts are your property, not Fiverr’s. And I’m not sure that topic titles can be copyrighted.

If something is posted by Fiverr staff, then yes, I’d say that it’s Fiverr’s property.

This is fiverr’s site. They become the owner. I’m not a lawyer but they have a right to whatever is on their site. I could be wrong but I assume they own what is published here.

They have a right to use it, yes, but your content still belongs to you, unless there are some forum rules we’re not aware of. That’s the standard for pretty much any platform: they can use it as they like, but you’re the owner.