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Linkedin Not Accept Fiverr Link! What do?

Linkedin Is the Big sourses for advertizing Fiverr gig but Linkedin Group not Accepting Fiverr Link…So what do…Kindly anyone let me know…


You are using Linkedin. Email can be a problem
If that email is already connected to a fiverr account.
Can not even connect
So start a Linkedin Account with a new email address

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No Both Connect with different Email.

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May I ask how you are using LinkedIn for advertising Fiverr?

See the settings for your LinkedIn account
If not, then
If you can, start a LinkedIn account from another e-mail address

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Do you mean they rejecting fiverr link or what?

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Don’t just copy your gig link and paste in linkedin or any other social network it seems spam and block after sharing some posts…


I’m pretty sure that Linkedin is (or was) banning Fiverr links. As far as I am aware, this also includes (or did include) links placed when sellers try to share their gig.

In either case, when sellers do share gigs, this just returns a generic Fiverr ad. In this case, if you want to market yourself on Linkedin, you should do so by writing posts and articles, before mentioning your Fiverr username and details of what you offer on Fiverr a little more indirectly.


Thanks…So what are the right ways to share Fiverr Link there…

I Already do write a post and articles and place a link there but unsuccessful… so Whats then?

Yes…Rejecting Fiverr Link.When i place my post with link…They show my Fiverr link Block…

Already using different email from Fiverr account…

Yes, I also facing same problem on linkedin…

If you are blocked by linkedin at your gig promotion
Clicking your linkedin button in your profile
Share it. If there is no post
Copy and paste your link
Then post your gig. The post appears
There is such a problem. It is correct for several days