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Linkedin profile can't be added on fiverr profile

I have a LinkedIn account and I want to link it to my Fiverr profile. When I click on the plus icon beside LinkedIn, it takes me to a new tab where I have to put the email and password of my LinkedIn account. After submitting the fields, Fiverr pages refreshes and there isn’t any logo for LinkedIn. Why can’t I add my profile here?
Note: I’ve successfully added my facebook and google account to my Fiverr account.


That’s not what that function is for.

If people were allowed to include their LinkedIn Profile, they would just take their business off of Fiverr and use it to get sales off of Fiverr.


Thanks for replying. I want to link my linkedin profile to my fiverr seller page. But it’s not working. I’ve seen some other seller’s profile linked with linkedin profile. I tried it many times but failed.

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I’ve come across this same issues, including other ‘bugs’ when it comes to adding or updating one’s profile.

I would also like the ability to link my LinkedIn account to my Fiverr account and since linking your social media accounts is being offered as a feature, his question is perfectly valid.


Yeap, you got it. I’ve been facing this problem for a month. Is this happening with other newbie? And if it’s a bug then why isn’t the fiverr team solving the issue?

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I just explained to you why you can’t do this. Maybe another seller got away with it, but that doesn’t mean it’s allowed.

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Do not hijack and spam other users topics. Create your own!

While you’re here: :point_down:t4:


Same with my account too…

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I am facing the same problem

If you find any solution regarding the problem, kindly inform me.

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I have same issue connecting Google with my account.

@salehayat, @imranhossain999 Did you guys managed to link LinkedIn account? If yes, how?

I’ve tried to link even now, but I couldn’t.

@imranhossain999 Thanks for your response and sorry to hear you are yet to be succeeded.
Did you contact customer support? If not, you can do here and let us know what they said.
I am on Phone and unable to connect with customer support.

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Welcome. I’ve done it now. Waiting for their reply. Thank you for your co-operation.


@imranhossain999 You are welcome.
please keep us posted about the customer support response.

I’m still facing this problem!

Sure. I will. :slightly_smiling_face:

Any update? @imranhossain999