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LinkedIN Suggestion

Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone is fine and safe from Covid-19 by the grace of Allah. I am newcomer here and want your suggestion about “LinkedIn Lead Generation”. I am skilled in finding leads and I am working towards my portfolio right now.

As a newcomer, I am facing a problem, What does a buyer exactly want from a linkedin lead generator? More specifically, Which fields of data are required by a buyer? For example, Name, Email, Phone, Company, Website, Designation etc, what else ?

Please, suggest me in this issue so that my portfolio can make impact on buyers.


LinkedIn lead generation is not allowed on Fiverr.

See this thread:


This is not a “Tips for Sellers” type thread, but more of an “Improve My Gig” thread that has now become an “Offer a different service if you want to remain on Fiverr” thread.


A “Twilight Zone” thread

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