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Linking Accounts


I can’t add or connect my other accounts like dribble and facebook to my account, i just get given the message ’ An error occured, please try again’ all the time.

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Have you tried with different browsers? Do you have and ad blockers or popup blockers installed? If yes, then disable them and try again.


Yeah… i’ve tried enabling, disabling pop-ups, downloads everything. I’ve tried Chrom, internet explorer, on my phone… everything. Still can’t connect it.
But thanks for the help, any other ideas ?


Yes, Contact Customer Support.
Click on this link to raise a ticket.
or you can also mail them on


I’ll try it again, thank you. But if nothing do you think there is anything else i can do ?


Is this your 2nd account or 1st account on Fiverr?


2nd… but i think i’ve deleted the other ones. Do you think that has something to do with it ?


Yeah… That is why it is happening. Your other accounts were linked to 1st account. Now it is deleted but it is still connected with your old account. Definitely contact CS, they will help you in this case.


oh i see… that makes a lot of sense, thank you so much. Do you think there is anything i can do myself before they get back to me ?