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Linking Externally to Youtube


Hey, Fiverr Forums. I have a question about what I remember being a gray area in the ToS.

For my voiceover gig, sometimes the client wants a longer read, like an Audiobook, which has a different set of vocal requirements than an advertisement or infomercial. Though I have a short clip of an audiobook sample on my gig, sometimes they want a longer sample with dialogue, etc.

Would it be acceptable to link to external Youtube videos I have of longer reads? The gray area comes where this is acceptable if it’s part of the gig, but would Fiverr staff argue my video sample is enough? :thinking: What are your thoughts?



So far they have been very flexible with the sharing of YouTube portfolios. You could just ask Support, but YouTube is on the approved url list, too. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I get paranoid after hearing some of the horror stories on the forums. :X


Always remember that stories, horror or not, always have 2 sides and, normally, only one of it is heard. Don’t let yourself go just by reading them :wink: