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I am confused by something. We have the option to put links to our portfolio in the profile set up. Yet, we can not put a link in the description. I had a link to the a Fiverr blog about me in my description. I even contacted customer support to ensure I could put it there. Today, I got this email. A link to a Fiverr blog is not personal contact information. Makes me wonder. I messaged support about it and I am waiting for a response. Wonder if anyone else has had any similar issues.

To protect our buyers and sellers and to promote a safe marketplace, we ask that you do not add personal contact information to your user profile description (e.g. Skype, email, phone number, social media information, etc.). Please rewrite your user description without this information.

For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

The Fiverr Team

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The porfolio link gets reviewed.
And I think the review system automatically rejects MOST links.

I am yet to see an active portfolio link on any seller.

Only have seen in ambassadors descriptions so far.

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@djgodknows Thanks. That helps a lot. Why allow us to have portfolio links, even if no personal contact info is on the portfolio, to not have buyers be able to see them?

It will remain a mystery to us as does a lot of things on Fiverr…


I went by the URL list and put a link to blogspot in one of my gig descriptions. The blog had no contact page at all, no name except Maddie and fonthaunt, and no contact info of any kind. The blog posts were sample articles with no contact info on them. The only link led back to Fiverr. I got the same type of email you did and my gig was paused for me. I had to delete the link in the description to get my gig back in search. I didn’t understand it but decided it just wasn’t worth pursuing. I have seen lots of people with allowed URL’s on their profile, but in the description it still seems to be a problem in spite of the wording in the help article.


There’s a slight workaround to this, see if you find this useful.

The gig page allows you to add 2 PDF files. You can add 3 images to these PDF files each. That’s 6 extra image slides for you to display your portfolio, in case the link thingy does not bear fruit.


The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description - From CS

I saw that you added this as a duplicate and since it’s on the same topic (and one with some problems) these posts are now linked together.

If you have a time/date stamped screenshot from CS with these link, especially saying they are allowed in description, sharing that might be helpful.

Your listed links are close but not the same as what Fiverr has under their Knowledge Base.

I don’t know why these lists are different. The KB says:

The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:"

When I asked CS to confirn this, I got back a “Yes” and I began to quote it on the forum. Unfortunately when I added my blogspot portfolio to my description, it was pulled within a week… Once I removed the link, my gig was reinstated. I didn’t pursue it further, but I do not know why there are discrepancies.

I recommend caution to users unless they have written approval for their own gig complete with any of these links. Can anyone else confirm gig description approvals or denials when using the approved links from either list?

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So, the list in the KB is quite different and the editors do not necessarily go by either list. My recommendation would still be that users get written approval for their own gig with any of these links. It’s not possible to give clear tips to users with 2 different lists.

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Or, maybe, stick to the old list: Flickr, SoundCloud, YouTube. :smile_cat:

Doesn’t matter whether you follow the list or not, this may soon be a forgotten feature along with Bitcoins and “Refer a friend for $5 credit”… :rolling_eyes:

This is something that fiverr needs to get straightened out. To tell sellers it’s ok to do something and when they do it their gigs get removed is just wrong.

I wrote twice in the past to customer support that I saw someone with a link in their profile (and included a screenshot of it) to blogspot and both times was told that I could not put a link in my profile. Yet that profile continued to show the link without problems. I wondered why there were two sets of rules, one for me and one for others.


If gig descriptions are removed as a “feature” the gigs wouldn’t work too well. I guess I’m missing your point. I don’t see any accordion between this and bitcoin payments for buyers.

I think I might have mistakenly identified the “Portfolio” link location. (It’s been a while since I updated it.)

I was under the impression there was a separate tab for inserting a portfolio link. I just revisited the options and realized there wasn’t any place like that.

I suppose I should retract my statement.

That portfolio link section does not show when you view it as a buyer.

See, THAT is what I was talking about though! Then what’s the point of it?

@djgodknows I do not know. Maybe it will be active one day.

Reminds me of this:

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