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Links to Personal Blogs

Ok, I know that some sellers already do this. However, I’m not sure of the legality as far as TOS is concerned.

Basically, can I legally link prospective buyers to my blog when they ask to see samples?

I ask, as my blog (like most) includes my personal contact details. In this case, would this be considered sharing personal information?

Before anyone jumps in here and says "yes, stupid!" I would also like to know how if this is prohibited, any seller can offer things like guest posting without doing the same. i.e. I have 2 buyers who are sellers on Fiverr. They both have gigs saying something like "I will post your article / press release on my blog with x amount of readers."

Is there an obvious answer to this question that I have missed? Or is it just a huge grey area?

I asked about linking to published content in my gig and was told that it was against TOS.

I also asked about linking to published content when asked for samples and told no.

It’s one of those things they might just decide to have a crack down on one day


My understanding was if you have a portfolio, it has to point back to Fiverr. Nothing on it can ask for contact information. I am not sure how accurate that is. It has been a while since I asked. If people ask for samples, of course I share sites I am published on as a writer.

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I’d guess you are only allowed to share a link to a blog if it’s not on your own website but hosted on one of the sites that are allowed in the profile/Gig description:

What URLs can I use in my profile or Gig description?

The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:

Note: If you use a URL in your Gig, which is not in the above list, your Gig may be denied. Repetitive violations may also cause an account to be restricted.

Blogspot is on there, WordPress not. Which makes me wonder if the reason could be that it’s easy to contact someone when you know their WP blog and not so much when you know their blogspot blog? (I don’t know if it is so, just a thought as I can’t see any other reason why the one is on the list and the other not).

I’m pretty sure I’ve read a post on the forum by someone who asked support if they may link to their own website which had no contact info, form or anything but got told no, in line with what the first commenter said.


See, this is both silly and why marketing Fiverr gigs in any way is a whole grey area. If I were to use Blogspot, Medium, etc, it would only be to syndicate content I am already publishing online elsewhere. The whole idea of content marketing is to keep uniform branding and targeted several channels simultaneously.

I’m not complaining, though. I have better things to do. I just thought I’d ask. Now I might even go on a competitor duck shoot. :wink:

It’s foggy like an Edgar Wallace. I’ve asked myself a few times and came to the conclusion that I’d need to write a blog on blogspot, keep all personal info secret, take the utmost care that there’s not some or other way to contact me through a form or such, put a simple text link to my Fiverr profile/gigs there and nothing else (as I don’t think there’s an option to use those premade Fiverr gig share thingies on a blogspot blog), … . One of my websites points to Fiverr and that’s that, one-way street for me as long as the fog doesn’t lift. Maybe I’ll dive deeper into blogspot one of those days, on the other hand I’m used to and prefer WordPress, so, meh.
But I’ll keep an eye on this thread, in case someone comes along with some current support statement regarding this, who knows, maybe the IPO or something else will bring changes.

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