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Links within Gig Description

Hi there

I’m new here and have sold a handful of gigs only.

I want to show about 10-minute video of my work and was thinking about putting a link to a Youtube Video in my description. Is this allowed or is it prohibited? If you say prohibited can you please point me to a TOS


Part of the answer is in the help files here:

So, if you read that you’ll see that YouTube is allowed as long as your link doesn’t lead to a channel that does violate the ToS. For that, you need to read the terms on your own because there are several parts that apply and it would take a while to locate and paste every part in the forum for you.

Just read the terms so you don’t get your account banned. For example, if the URL you put in your gig has ways to contact you or give you money outside Fiverr, those are violations. It’s better to know the ToS sooner than later since a gig taken down by Fiverr usually goes down permanently.

Thanks - thet was most helpful

@fonthaunt , so I can put my blogspot website URL that contains my portfolio too ?, well that’s great then !