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List of Fake Gigs


Website Traffic – You will just get fake traffic so you cant convert it to sales

Share your link on Socal Media – No one bother what they are sharing

Followers - you will get followers but once the system get detect that its fake you will loose it after 2-3 days

Please share if you think the Gigs are not worth to buy


yeah. social signals will only rank your Website or Blog high


You’re not allowed to do this on the forum


I think you have no idea about social media, even you don’t know about speling of “Social” i am agree with cre8iveartwork you are not allow to do like this in this forum.


Lets assume for a second that the traffic is real (which is a huge stretch), the traffic isn’t targeted. And because it’s not targeted, your bounce rates will increase, time on page decreases, and your search rankings can drop (Google).

But… if your traffic is fake (which I’d be willing to bet that it is), then you have a worse problem… Not only will you have poor metrics, but it poisons the integrity of your analtyics. You won’t be able to tell what’s real and what’s not. And if these numbers lack any kind of integrity, you’ve lost a powerful business intelligence tool.

Caveat Emptor


Sorry i do not agree with you.About traffic to the website might be right but social signals is so important for website rankings these days.


social signals is very effective for SEO. so I’m not agree with you.