List of my clients with instand chat



I have a suggestion for fiverr that can be very usefull.

Alot of time is wasted during the communication between the seller and buyer, sometimes, even when they are both online, each one will just answer the message and come back later after few hours to see a reply, while a reply was actually made just few minutes later, one can’t just check back fiverr each 5 minutes, and certainly can’t stay waiting in hes e-mail waiting for notifications from fiverr.

So it would be geat if we can chat instantly with our clients if we are both online like on facebook.

I have made a small website once on, it offers this facebook-like chat bar at the bottom of the page, I assume the other websites’ hosts can offer that.

It would be also great to add a small vertical list on the side, on fiverr homepage, or, on all pages, for the latest gigs that delivered work and etc… (a list listing gigs depending on their latest activity) that would be a great deal and will certainly boost the gigs and make them easier to notice.

I also have another suggestion wich is about the gig price, I think you should allow all the new members that didn’t reach any level yet, to add that extra action in the gig for anther 5$, that way, if a client needs to pay 10$ for the seller, he don’t have to order 2 gigs.

Or maybe add the option to post a gig for 10$ too, in some cases where the buyer needs to pay like 200$ it will be a hard task to post 40 gigs!!


I like this.


Do you guys know what I mean? Like on Facebook…there’s a button for expression of approval, to “Like” something?


Actually, speaking solely as a buyer, I’d love this. But I can imagine many popular sellers becoming overwhelmingly mobbed, rather quickly. I do have to wonder about the idea of “unlocking” extras, other than as an incentive for activity. $200…must be one heck of a gig.


Reply to @kjblynx: I know, bt on faceboo, you can only chat instantly with people who are friends with you not random people, so no spam here. You can make it only avaible between the cilent and seller when he order or something that would solve th e problem


Reply to @aboredrichguy: in a big 3D model that’s a good price, I got client and he accepted 200$


Reply to @keyboard0: True, but I have a warning for you. That is alot of money.

You do something for 10 minutes – charge $5 – the guy rips you off (VERY POSSIBLE, LOOK AROUND THESE FORUMS), it’s no big deal. BUT

You spend 2 days – expecting $200 – the guy claims “unsatisfactory”, get’s some sort of preview of your work, $200 fiverr credit, and the knowledge you slaved over him. Please be careful


Reply to @aboredrichguy: My client did get a preview and he liked the work very much.

Also as I explained before, 3D modelling isn’t cheap, but my prices are considered cheap or good.

5$ isn’t worth it, it’s not a 10 minutes work, we’re talking about a big models that takes days with lots and lots of hours.

If you want me to calculate each 10 minutes for 5$, the final price would be too high.

Effcorse, before I start any work, I make sure that I am able to do it, I don’t want to waste other’s time.

To make sure that I get full payment and don’t get riped off, I put the needed work in a .rar or a .zip file, then put a password for.

& to get the password you’ll need to collect it from the rest of the orders. :smiley:

I have been here for two months btw, and done 5 orders so far.


Reply to @keyboard0: I see that, your price is good.

Very smart with the encryption and password reveal gig-by-gig. Unexpected! Are you prepared for the unthinkable: the Paypal chargeback?

Recently delivered gigs is a fresh, new idea as well :wink:


Reply to @aboredrichguy: Thanks :smiley: