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List of our orders by each gig with order amount please


I am looking at each gig, trying to see the average price point, and can’t.

Please give us lists of each gig orders, with the order total amounts, the prices of the extras with that order, and the date, in a list.

This will enable us to see the average price point for each gig and help us to determine what prices to charge. Right now I am having to do this constantly by hand to try to see what my clients are paying on average for each gig.


This is a great idea. Does anyone else have suggestions on how analytics and metrics can be enhanced?


I can look at completed orders and see this but still have to sort through to get a list by each gig. It seems logical to list orders in a separate page by gig and order amounts.

Price analysis for each gig is crucial now.


My suggestion for the analytics page would be to add the per gig average price, both per regular order and custom order.


Great Idea.:slightly_smiling_face:


Analytics page adds really help to perform a gig order both seller and buyers.
What elements exist in the analytics page?