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Listing placement could change

‘Listing placement could change’ What does it mean. while cancelling the order, one point was of reduction of order completion rate, the second point was this. Which I am unable to understand. Can anybody help?

Does it affects that particular gig, or all my gigs?


Yes!, it means if you will cancel the order your, completion rate will decrease for 60 days and the listing of page number you have on Fiverr will decrease as well, but don’t worry about it, it for 60 days. keep good work, if Buyer wants to cancel the order accept it otherwise they can give negative rating which will affect your gig forever.

So my gig ranking gets back to normal after 60 days? and order completion rate also catches upto 100% again?

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Right! it will gets back after 60 days. Thanks!

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The buyer doesn’t has a reason to cancel the order, one day he likes the work, and the other day he doesn’t replies, the third day he replies saying its just not working, the design were better but not what I need. How come he doesn’t get to know what he needs or not in the first place? I’d tried to resolve it, asked him to provide me with samples of what he needs, he didn’t did that too, just replied saying that i don’t know, it is just not working!

This cancellation is very unfair, Is there anything I can do to avoid its negative impact?

1st ask him what he needs, and try to do what he needs and then if he like you don’t need to cancel, read his all requirements. Is that Business card design?

He himself doesn’t know what he wants, I have asked him many times, he doesn’t provide me any sample design, just says i don’t know but it is not working. He just don’t want to proceed with the order. I can do nothing in this case
Brand identity

Oh!, some Buyer like this I was faced, they are very risky, if they don’t like the work they give a negative rating or they contact with Fiverr contact support for cancel the order it will bad for gig. So if my suggestion cancel the order if the price is low. Thanks!

Thanks! Brother, all the best…

Money doesn’t matter here for me, Its just my performance that i don’t want to get affected. But that you’ve told me that it will get back to normal after 60 days.

Fiver doesn’t take any percentage then out of the cancelled order. Right?

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Right, see the screenshot, you can check this from your Analytics option

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You have to accept that some buyer is never happy cancelling the gig is the best and quick option to end the issue.

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Thankyou for your assistance and time. I’m heading forward to cancel the order, with hopes and courage to work harder and get to standards. And avoid such buyers in future.

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Thanks! Right decision you have taken, I hope you will get success in your Future order.

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One more question please. Is order completion rate visible to the buyers?

No!, its only for you don’t worry. Thanks!

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