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Literally I can't understand those customers

Yesterday I received a message. This customer asked me about a gig, and told me that he needed a work done in a few hours. I replied so fast, talking about my prices and about the details of the work. Then he blocked me. What’s wrong with these peopleeee


I have no idea. Well, don’t care about it. It could be mistake or if it was not, he can do nothing else.

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I get this a lot. It is usually when they find out the country being displayed on your profile.

Sometimes it’s because they found someone else … and sometimes it’s because they didn’t realize how much thought you put in to what you do and they can’t be bothered to answer your questions or give you the information you need.

If the latter, you really don’t need those buyers - they’re nothing but trouble.

Don’t mind it at all. Be glad they didn’t order from you.

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They probably didn’t like the price? Some buyers talks for hours (because they reply late) then when I say the price they disappears. Nothing can be done!

I want to add to this discussion this:

Do not message anyone who sends you questions or messages about your gigs. I am guessing that he didn’t want you to bother him and that’s why he blocked you.

You shouldn’t be messaging people who inquire about your gigs unless they message you first. Don’t go back later and ask them if they want to order your gig, or any other message.


once it has happened with me too.
he message me about my gig and ask me to do his work. then he did same like you… lol

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When the conversation ends with them leave them alone. Either they will order or you will not hear from them again. Do NOT message them later. Do NOT keep sending more and more messages. They should not need to block you!

I don’t think that this is something you need to worry at all. A user can do block another user if they want to do so, That’s why the option is there.