Literally just got TWO orders in a row


maybe 5 minutes apart without prior communication…ugh. I have no clue what I am supposed to do with these two gigs because no information has been provided either. I’m pretty sure next to my profile photo I do say message me before ordering…rant overrr.


best is to contact with buyers and ask them to provide information.


Yes I did that as soon as I got the order.


is it not marked as pending information?

where you can stand by until the buyer responds with details of what to do…

If not make changes in your gig…

ask for information…I think you have to wait until the buyer replies…you can send the buyer a msg telling that information is missing…please send or something like that…

I also get those too…once my buyer replied after 2-3 days after I asked him to reply…he was out of town or something… :wink: