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Literature/Fan-Fiction/Sci-Fi, come and see which story can be yours

I’m here to offer you the chance of becoming your own Hero in the world of literature through the use of integrated editing and re-writing. Check out the gig options available today with JerseyDevil, or view past works made public on:

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links that are not allowed.

Gigs made available for all wakes of life.

Here’s the breakdown:

The general flat rate for all services are one gig per every 1000 words, and following special requests or ‘works from scratch’, that gig request might go up depending on the work (always best just to message me first to work out the details).

Once the word count is established, and a general outline and plot is formed, we can get to work!

With a 100% positive rating on all literary works you can’t beat the discount, and I stand behind my work; offering free edits and revisions for the first two times (I can’t always edit and rewrite the same material after all!) to make sure you get just the right fit to suit your needs.

Let me know today, and help make your fantasy story come to life!

…And don’t ask me how many Anime Babe fans are out there right now.