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Littel excited for level 1

I made my account back in 2013 but not started working. I just started working 1 month ago and now i have 9 orders done with 5 stars ratings and good reviews. I also got tip in two orders.Now am waiting for 10th order. So i can get to level 1. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks

You’ll need level 1 first and you sound close. Level 2 (see Levels) will take more high quality deliveries and done quickly to get the all done in 2 consecutive months. Good luck!

Yes Sorry that was by mistake. I was talking about Level 1

All the best to you

Got 10th Order Today!

You will get 10th order soon or today

Congratulations, 1 down, up next level 2. Keep up the good work.

You are on a good start awanje, well done. Now you see how much money you have missed between 2013 and now. Similar story as mine, I didn’t really believe in it during my first 2 years, and now, can’t do without it!

I completed my 10th Order and Delivered. Waiting for Buyer to mark it Delivered. Just wanted to know that it will automatically upgrade me or they do manually?. Yes Magellon i should really started in 2013 but am happy that i started it.


I am also new to fiverr.
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Wonderful! I can’t wait to get Level 1 badge. Completed over 10 orders already. :slight_smile:

Me too! I made the account, and really didn’t do anything for 2 years the moment I became a little active I got orders!


Today I have been upgraded to Level 1. Feeling very happy. Thanks Everyone.

Today I got mine. What about you?