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Little Complain

Being a seller almost up to over a year and have over 100 5 stars reviews.

Recently I had a tricky customer who want to cancel the order after the final delivery, he mentioned he can’t download the video file, so tell me to send him over Facebook. After I realised it’s this buyer intentionally want to trick me into his trap and get me punished by the Fiverr. That’s also how I feel Told everything and provide screenshot how unreasonable this buyer is to the Fiverr Customer Support, the CS immediately demoted my ONE level to NONE, saying I contact him outside of Fiverr. I only sent the video and didn’t request any outside payment. First this buyer said he loved my work, then turned out my delivery, saying he found a good seller, and want to cancel.

I feel this is really unfair to me and how the customer service treat me is very awful. I extremely feel sad and angry! :frowning:


Take it easy. Give yourself couple of days to cool off. There are always ups and downs in the world. I had two of my best gigs denied, one for no reason. Similar things had happened to many sellers. But our intention is to earn honostly. It is good to let out your frustration like this. Hope you feel well :slight_smile:


You are not me so you feel laidback while saying Oh! Take it easy! How can I take it easy if I was treated unfairly? Should a person always be the one bullied by another person or stand up for yourself? Just like in prison, a person is bullied by rich guy or cops because they got the money. Customer Service has the right just do what they wish to ruin your level, you’ll never understand how I feel. It’s awful!

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It’s a very frustrating platform nowadays. You refund one order and your order completion rate drops 1%. Then you deliver several orders, and you don’t get +1% until you finally do.

However, Fiverr can help you make real money and it’s a lot friendlier than Rover.

That dog app actually wanted my emergency phone number (parents), photos of me playing with dogs, and they wanted me to e-mail my friends so they would write testimonies about me. It’s absolutely ridiculous!

The other platforms require you to keep bidding every day, some of them won’t allow you to send your bid unless you write 125 words or some ridiculous rule like that.

So my advice is hang in there.

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That’s the thing, though, you still communicated with the seller outside of Fiverr. That’s against the rules, and Fiverr was within their rights to take action against that. You MUST handle all communication INSIDE the Fiverr platform. You didn’t do that; you sent the buyer data outside of the platform, and you were penalized for it.

Fiverr takes their rules seriously. Use this as a learning moment, and don’t repeat this mistake in the future.

You were demoted one seller level, that’s hardly the end of the world. If you meet the requirements for promotion on the 15th of any month, you can easily regain that level. Be happy that Fiverr only demoted you one seller level, instead of restricting your account (which they have done to other sellers who broke the rules).

You’ll be fine. In 30-60 days, you could be right back where you were before your demotion. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if you are still around,but just in case you are, here it is:

Jonbass already mentioned it above, but IF you HAD sent that video outside Fiverr,
sorry, you broke the rule. Even if the buyer was trying to trick you into doing something,
the moment you contacted him outside the platform, your fate was sealed.
It’s NOT about sending/receiving payment, it’s simply CONTACTING the person outside
Fiverr, and unfortunately you didn’t follow that.

It’s up to you whether you leave or stick around, but your situation isn’t that bad.
In fact, you simply got a bit of a penalty for a mistake you’ve made.
Keep working and you’ll get your level back pretty soon.


Well. Yes! Sometimes the judge’s way of thinking is stick in the mud. Just like the God says there shall be 1 man and 1 female, THIS IS RIGHT! PERIOD. That leads to someone obey the rule and think it’s correct which is pretty hilarious to me… A fair judge shall be look into the case and not just follow the rule, “A rule is a fixed still words, a case is a lively event involved in many different situations, he will never succeed! It will only cause more people think it’s unreasonable! You should watch the documentary of a judge from American court, I forgot his name! The main point is this judge won’t punish someone according to rules but the situation a person has.

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Thank you for kind reply.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I don’t know what type of dog app you are talking about? What is it exactly? I have bid on another platform and never had any luck in getting any projects lol…

A rule is a rule. You broke it, and Fiverr took action as a result. You can think it is as unfair or unreasonable as you want, but that doesn’t change that fact that it happened, and you’re going to have to get used to it. Learn from this, and move on.


Sorry to hear that
If he did this on purpose like you mentioned then he succeed. My advice will be to ignore this and move on. These things and even worse happen here so you should always focus on positive and do your best.
Fiver support team is here to help us and yes sometime they also do mistakes but in your case it’s obviously your mistake cause he tricked you if he tricked you.

I don’t think your situation has anything to do with god, or the court, or judges,
it’s simply about following the rules.

True, there should be some exceptions depending on the situation, but it’s not that
you had no other options in this case.
You could have contacted CS telling them about the situation asking for their help or suggestion before deciding to send that video outside Fiverr.

I’m not sure how active you are here at the forum, but if you look around you will see a lot of posts about sellers being demoted/account closed etc and them complaining about it, and in most cases it was THEIR fault.
That should be enough to show how strict and picky Fiverr is with their rules.

I get the feeling right now you are too angry to realize it, but Fiverr simply took action
based on a mistake you have made.
It could have been worse, your situation is not that bad.

Are you still going to leave Fiverr?? If you were doing well until now, it sounds like a waste if you left.


Rover offers a few things.

  1. You can get paid for walking people’s dogs, like $10 for 30 minutes, or you can charge more. I think they take 20%.
  2. You’ll get paid for boarding dogs at your home
  3. You’ll get paid for other things.

It has no membership fees, like Fiverr. The application is ridiculous, unlike Fiverr.

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you are not supposed to contact any customer outside Fiverr at any cost.

Fiverr provide every support you need but do take those TOS seriously.

If buyer is not able to download the file. help them in a step by step manner.

From most of your replies, you support the Fiverr side instead of seller’s side 100% everytimes you comment on other people’s post. A non thinking person would follow or blend in the mold instead of thinking up a new way to resolve this problem. If a rule has been criticized by people, that means there’s a flaw in it.

Someone suggests the system for Fiverr, they can have sellers to decide if they’d like to take this order, it’s a very great way to choose not just accept the fact of taking an order from a terrible buyer. Ones will never progress if you keep holding these fixed and problematical rules.


Well. Then you tell me, what if he insist on not able to open the file continuously? What’s the final way then?

I’m done trying to help you. It is clear that you don’t want to be helped.

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From what I know so far, I get the feeling jonbass kiiiiiinda knows what he is saying, he’s been around for quite some time. I don’t think he, or anyone in that matter, including myself, supports Fiverr 100%, it’s just that we know that Fiverr is not perfect ( NOTHING is perfect in fact) but at the same time we know that Fiverr has worked for a lot of us.

I’ve been upset with Fiverr plenty of times too, and I could have sent angry messages to CS, I could have started a petition to change the rules etc, but in the end I didn’t since I thought Fiverr IS still overall a good platform for me. If I was angry enough, I could have left but in the end I’ve decided to stick around and I’m happy with that decision.

You can try contacting CS to change the situation because you seem very upset with the system, but I do believe you need to keep in mind that you DID break the rules.
I’m sorry to keep bringing that up, but I get the feeling your anger is getting in your way.

Maybe you should step away from Fiverr for a few days, once you calm down yo might
feel better. If not, you do have the option of closing your account and walk away, and
hopefully find a different platform that suits you better.

I get the feeling no matter what I say it’s not going to make you feel better, so
I’ll leave this thread for now.

Y’all have a good day. :slight_smile:


Open Fiverr page => scroll down to he page footer => You will find Support.

under that there is lot of help.

waste some time reading them they are really helpful

A rule is a rule which is same for every one.


The usual way is to upload the file to DropBox or a similar site (without any information that could be used for personal contact) and send the buyer the link. That’s what Customer Support recommends.