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Little favor for sellers

Dear Fiverr Team,

As per my experience with fiverr, I have a suggestion for sellers favor to avoid the order cancellations and late delivery issues.
Actually few months ago I send an offer against buyer request, in my offer I asked to buyer some more and important details about his project/request, but buyer accept my offer without providing me such details, and an order was started automatically, and delivery time just 24 hours. So how can I deliver it without required details, because the order was already started, now I try to communicate with buyer through fiverr chat or order page but buyer can’t response, so unfortunately I should cancel order after a long wait.
I suggest to fiverr team, kindly provide some options on seller-end that if he agreed that buyer provided the complete details/material related to project then start the order.



This has been brought up a few times, so a little redundant, but always good to add your voice to the request for a Seller Approval button prior to order start.

To avoid that, you’ll need to make sure you require the buyer to fill our the order requirements after accepting your offer. If you do this, there is a better chance of the buyer giving you what you need to know before the order timer starts.


Often times, buyers leave this blank, or just type a " - "

The fields don’t check to make sure actual instructions are filled, so that’s why we want a seller confirmation option, since buyers tend to just be lazy and not follow gig requirement instructions…

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You can contact CS when that happens. Adding a seller confirmation could severely slow down the process and go against what Fiverr believes sets itself apart. I’ve canceled orders over lazy buyers before.

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