Little Help Needed From Fiverr Shining Stars


Hello there, After my little success on Fiverr made my brother curious and wants to get started. So how many fiverr accounts can we setup on one connection. It’s me my brother and my mom (maybe). I am curious to know the answer.

So i have 2 questions:

Q: How many accounts can i have and each one can be linked to payoneer?

Q: I am originally from UAE. Is there any possibility to change my country? Maybe if i request fiverr?

Thanks a lot!


Although i am not a shining star yet, but i will like to answer your Questions.

  1. You can have only one Fiverr accounts & you can connect it with Payoneer.
  2. It’s better to use the country name where you live. You can make a Request to the CS but i am sure they will recommend you to show the “country” where you live.


Oh thanks a lot, you will be soon. But what about my if i want 2nd account for my brother? It is strange cause i cant have another account for my brother in same account.


Anything to do with multiple accounts etc. on the one internet connection, you;d be better to ask CS, and be ready to tell them what each family member will be doing.

Your location will be picked up automatically by Fiverr, no need for you to do anything. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


As much as i know, IP differs from computer to computer. If each of you guys have got your own separate personal computer then having a same internet connection is not a big problem. Because you all will have different IP but yes, each of you will have same access location. Which will be auto detected by fiverr.

The better option is to make sure about everything by making a CS ticket and letting them know about the whole situation. They could assist you very well.


Everyone would have to have their own Payoneer account.

With the permission from the Customer Support (contact them and send them all of your questions, and save screenshots of their answers, just in case!), it would be possible for you, your brother, and your mother to have your own Fiverr accounts, as long as you all sell different services, and don’t interact with each other on Fiverr (no buying from each other or anything similar). However, everyone would need to have their own email address, and their own withdrawal provider; for example, one Payoneer account can’t be linked to more than one Fiverr account.

Only one account per person is allowed. Your brother and your mother might be allowed to open their own accounts, but multiple accounts (more than one account per person) are strictly forbidden.