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Little to no orders even after a couple months

Please tell me if not getting an order for almost 2 months is normal. I have set up 4 gigs that have high and low demand and 3/4 of the gigs have pretty high-quality videos and photos. Can somebody help me or give me a few tips on how to get a single order?


HI, what is "I will create a logo animated or not, " , why did you used " or not " ? That sample video is look good for logo animated , but I think there nothing for game coach and video edit , why don’t you create an other new gig for game coach , and an other new gig for offer video edit ? What kind of video edit you can do ? You need a detailed list to show the types of video editing , otherwise no one knows what kind of edit you can do

And I just saw you had a gig about " I will edit your video or animate your logo " , that sample video still only look good for logo animate , but still nothing for " edit your video " , edit video is include " change color, and cut , and Transition ,add text , add music , add background , or a lot of other kind of edit , you need to show a list and tell what kind of edit you can do , and also show a sample video about before edit and after edit , etc …

Still , too many sellers has gig like this type , that’s why you are not easy get sell

Thanks for the tips. I’m new to advertising and selling. I also just really dislike the game coaching video so I’m going to change it because of how unrelated it is to game coaching. I work on mobile and chromebook which makes it hard and timey to transfer clips from my PC to a mobile device.