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Little wonder Customer Support are so busy!

Fiverr’s Customer Support is extremely busy at present. And if this is anything to go by, I may know why…

I was looking at some of the new branding content Fiverr have been putting out on their Instagram today, and noticed this comment, and subsequent response from a member of Fiverr’s social media team;

So, someone hits the Fiverr account with the same kind of spam/begging message we see here on the forum (perhaps this counts as “sharing your gig on social media” that we see people advocating so often?) - surely it would be better if Fiverr’s social media team either ignored these comments, or deleted them? Why engage, and why engage by encouraging this guy to contact Customer Support!? I noticed several of these across various posts, and the response always seemed to be to ‘contact customer support’.



Half the people running social media accounts (for every single company) are absolute morons just spewing out corporate BS. I wonder if they are even human.


I suspect it’s all been outsourced. Even so, you’d think there would be some rules in place about what does, and what does not, warrant telling someone to raise a ticket.

I had a quick look at the most recent 4 or 5 posts;

  • Guy complaining that his ticket hadn’t been answered. Was told to submit a ticket.
  • Guy complaining that he offered Wordpress services but couldn’t get work. Told to submit a ticket.
  • Guy complaining that his gig had been deleted for breaking TOS. Told to submit a ticket.

They (Fiverr) aren’t really helping themselves at this point.


If they are outsourcing their twitter feeds, then they are the bigger idiots. You don’t put your voice (and credibility) on someone else’s hands.

Yes, please, just outsource me the official communication channels of a billion dollar company. I get pissed with them, I can run their reputation into the ground, start tweeting racist and ■■■■ stuff lmao. What are they even thinking?

Sounds like it’s just automated, which is seems weird considering the amount of money they dump into advertising.

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I would beg to differ on that statement. I run a social media account for a rather big international company outside of Fiverr along with several colleagues. Here is the reality on some (if not most) people who work as a social media staff:

1.) Most of the time, there are less than 5 of us for one account or more dealing with the whole population of users who ask us questions and demanding answers for anything - even when we are just social media staff whose main task is to post content and engage in social media-related issues. Some of us don’t even use the product to give a meaningful assistance to said users. Some of us are also only specialized in either posting content or answering questions.

2.) Users like to bombard us with stupid questions; and even when we have informed them that we have no access to their account (we have an automated message with a list of FAQ to help them answer popular questions or to navigate their queries to the right department), they still spam our inbox to ask questions already answered in the FAQ.

3.) Our monthly pay is lower than flipping burgers at McDonalds. Yet, we answer queries on weekends or at ungodly hours - especially if the product’s website or app has bugs that 100% has nothing to do with us - because it reflects badly to the company if we don’t answer.

4.) We end up trying our best to help users solve their issues because the management doesn’t care about the feedbacks we gather from users and - surprise, surprise - CS never answered their questions in close to or more than a week.

5.) We are tired, burned out, and ignored. Worst of all, we don’t even have the power to help the users. At the end of the day, it is very understandable that we don’t want to deal with queries that are supposed to be CS’ jobs that people throw to us instead because CS is shorthanded and management doesn’t want to hire more people there.

6.) This is the biggest joke, perhaps: everytime we asked our superior for assistance in answering some queries regarding specific matters that we encounter on our social media, they told us to tell the customers to contact CS.

I agree that the social media staff shouldn’t engage that kind of questions - but with all due respect, saying “half the people running social media accounts (for every single company) are absolute morons” is not only extremely ignorant, but also offensive.


Nah, that’s what I think about people in general, so it’s not particularly offensive. “Think of how smart the average person is, and then realize half of them are dumber than that”.

That gets compounded by dumb instructions from people in charge, of course. It’s rare that a company has good social media engagement. First of all, it’s extremely difficult. Secondly, it demands resources. If you don’t have them, better to do nothing.