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Live Action and Animation

Does anyone know what the process of combining the subject is called?

How difficult is that to do?

If I wanted to submit a video of me talking, can someone add animation/cartoon?

There isn’t anything complicated, it’s me talking to a cartoon character.


I would suggest looking for both Animators and Compositors/ Video Editors.
Depend on the animation and the live action footage that you have, it might be more complicated than you think.

That’s called VFX or CGI.

‘Proper’ term is:

Maybe look into rotoscope animation? Depends on the ‘cartoon character’, and if you record the counterpoint of the conversation, I guess? And what style you’re looking for.


Though if it’s a basic 2D cartoon with a still camera live action source video, it wouldn’t really be any more difficult than a normal 2D cartoon with a drawn or single colour background apart from the overlaying onto the original footage (some animation software might not allow that) and maybe matching eye-lines.

^ That’s a good point.

What kind of cartoon character? I know you’ve been gathering ‘dog’ recently, so if the cartoon is a dog, that might also be tricky, depending on how much detail you want. (Fur is annoying to animate, imho.)

What about storyboard animatic? It’s simpler, but focuses on the keyframes. It’s not true animation, no, but can be compelling.

I come from CGI, or 3D animation (modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, rendering, etc), so I’m not sure if 2D animation is more difficult or less difficult to deal with. Sometimes something that you might think is easy and basic turns out to be quite a complicated process. Not always, but sometimes.

There is more than one type of animation, and that might require different solution. I believe the term for combining live action footage and animation footage is called “compositing”. I’m not sure about 2D animation (or cut-out/stop-motion, and some others), but with 3D animation, there is often a need for stuff like color-grading, so it’s more complicated than just taking the animation sequence and put it on a live-action background.
Compositing is on the VFX (visual effects) side of things, so it’s more editors than animators, or more specifically (correct me if I’m wrong), compositors. People who use Nuke, or After Effects, are the people I would personally look, and that is regardless to the type of animation.

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Though the OP said “There isn’t anything complicated, it’s me talking to a cartoon character.” - to me that sounds like she doesn’t want anything ultra real or complex or even any colour grading (and I’m assuming no camera movement so no tracking). It sounds like it’s a simple 2D animated character (though she hasn’t said that). But if it’s a very simple 2D one and simple animation and it’s just a basic overlay it shouldn’t be too difficult I think.