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Live chat / Screenshare tool

If fiverr prohibits Skype usage, then there should be a way to discuss gigs right in fiverr.

How to delete orders already shipped, I was wrong to send orders to others

Thank you for your help immediately

Reply to @beautifullady:

If you mean “cancel” an order go to the top of the order page to the resolution center as shown in image.

Hi, I second this suggestion.

The current inbox function is similar to an email. We discuss not knowing if the other party is online or not.

With live chat, if we know the other party is online, we can quickly work out the terms and complete the order.

Of course, this must be done under current policies - no taking the deal out of Fiverr.

I believe this will surely help boost conversions, strengthen relationships between buyers and sellers, and prevent problems due to better communication.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

sir i have one issue please help me

i want to change my profile name because now i am starting company which provide services to client IOS,android,wordpress and designing .

I’m a customer working with a logo designer. I feel bad that I keep going back with change requests even though they allow as many as I want… but it would be so much quicker if there is a way to screen share and see changes in real time.

I know its an old thread but will Fiverr CS pay attention to this? Its very difficult to communicate through their messaging system while messaging takes much time.

Moreover, most of the times messages does not appear specially when attachments are their in messages.

Still can’t be compared to Live chat.

I thought we could use TeamViewer, am I mistaken? (not to “discuss” the gig but to deliver it)

We already have live chat.

But its very slow sometimes and even sometime I don’t see that anyone is typing a message.