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Live Chat Suggestion


My suggestion is that, i think will be cool in future to see fiverr live chat, and all the members communicate together. :slight_smile:


I’m not really sure how many users Fiverr has active at any one time, but I imagine it’s quite a lot and would make having a conversation in a live chat pretty hard.


It would be cool to have chat rooms for members, yes.

Might even promote collaboration between members on gigs.


Reply @scapebox_ - i think will be cool, we can discuss on anything, anytime, because all are from diffrent timezones, so always will be someone online :slight_smile:


That would be nice. Even allow a direct chat within an order page since that would allow people to work out details or problems much more quickly than sending messages back and forth.


A nice feature would be to chat with someone. For example "your buyer is online send him an instant message now"

I think this will add a lot of value to the community!


Reply to @maxteridon: I actually meant it might be hard to have a convocation purely because there’s too many people in chat; not because we’d struggle for things to say :slight_smile:


Reply @sk8tavou Yes, this can be a great ! I mostly have these problems. My clients give me instructions, i give them the logos, and they write me back 5 hours after i deliver the work…


When the internet because really popular back in the 1990’s I was all over chat rooms and forums (remember the AOL chat rooms) but I am older and wiser now, I don’t do chat rooms, as everyone I ever was in turned into a troll room


Reply @oldbittygrandma that was my point! i want the sellers on FIVERR to communicate, make livestreams as you said, and hangout, will be great!


In my opinion this feature isn’t really needed and if anything it would add more confusion to buyers and sellers.

If it is a private chat system between buyers and sellers it would add yet another place where you are communicating with your buyer. It’s hard enough navigating between an order page and conversation page to make sure you have all of your buyer’s information. With this feature, you would have to check three different places if you needed to go back and check something.


What is really needed is a way to communicate in real time between the Buyer and the Seller. I’m having a heck of a time dealing with two different chats (the order page and the conversation page) and making sure the seller gets all the information. I realize a lot of “gigs” are fairly simple requests (ie. “I will do X for $5”, etc.), but when the “gig” is more complex or there are glitches or miscommunication (ie. setting up a WordPress Theme on a host provider) then the “gig” gets stretched out longer than necessary because I sometimes have to wait hours for a response from the seller. A chat system, something like Facebook, could be set up so that if you have a “gig” with a seller, they would appear on your list of “Contacts”. When you log onto Fiverr, it would show if they are on or offline. Once the “gig” was completed, they could be removed from your list of “active gigs” or retained in a separate category as “Previous Gigs”. This going back and forth with chats is inefficient and frustrating.


I think a chat for the order page would be more helpful than a general chat.


I totally agree, general chat is very necessary, that will bind us together. Not only the sellers but will also help potential buyers to find the right seller and be protected from poor seller or seller who are not active at all.