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Live chat?


A live system. Buyers target sellers online NOW.

We must wait 1 week for what a noob can complete in 20 minutes.

This will help those who struggle to get their first (real) review(s) and end up quitting.

20 MINUTES vs. 168+ HOURS

Your views?

I would like real time chat with potential buyers.

Most sellers need time to complete a sale and can’t do it instantly.

There are countless gigs that will apply.

A bit lower quality (maybe) but much, much faster.

5 minute window to accept orders and up to 8 hours to fulfill.

Your idea of a 5 minute window to accept orders is very good but it should have up to 24 hours to fulfill. I love that. I think people would also like it, as it can be a trial of one’s patience to wait to hear from a seller once you place an order.

Fake reviews are rampant. A live system will increase Fiverr’s reputation.

New sellers will be more competitive and with real reviews.

MANY buyers would rather get something in 1 day than 7 days from a “pro” seller (who probably started with fake reviews anyway).

Live chat will enable this.