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i have an suggestion to fiverr site that there must be LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT to
seller and buyers and they will be able to solve there issues with in few hours.
With LiveChat, you will be able to answer seconds after the question is asked, which makes for one amazing customer service .
thanks a lot


Why can’t you do this now? I have scheduled times with clients for consultations and we’ve chatted in real time using Fiverr messages. I wouldn’t be online 24/7 for any actual “Live” Support anyway so I would still have to schedule times with any feature.


Did the OP mean live support from Fiverr CS, rather than offering support to their own buyers?

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Hmmm, maybe. OP - which did you mean?


From @abdullah_shah :slightly_smiling_face:


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I got that, but I interpreted it as a reference to the support that we provide to our customers. Perhaps he meant Fiverr. I don’t see it as economically feasible for Fiverr to offer live support due to the language and time zone issues. Since they struggle with the Support that exists, I can’t see them coping well with something more complex. So, I’ve answered both sides with opinions.


a good suggestion…

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yes i need help related to my account …it is about portfolio image issue …i in contact with CS through email but they are unable to solve my problem…will you ???

This wouldn’t be the right place to post questions about profile images. If you have a general question and need peer support, why don’t you post it in Conversations or the Improve my Gig category? This category is for suggestions about the site, not complaints or questions.

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Why would someone from the forum personally help you out and solve your Fiverr related issues? Fiverr CS reps. are the only people who are eligible to assist you with your Fiverr related queries.

They’re the ones with the job description that requires them to be assisting Fiverr users. If you feel like CS is doing a bad job/is not able to help you out, asking forum members to take on the role of Fiverr CS reps. — to help you out with your personal Fiverr related issues — ain’t gonna solve that problem.


Live chat between customer and seller? We already pretty much have that.


@hanshuber16 i did not mean that CS is unable to solve my issue…but the helps through emails is quite time consuming . and thats why i am here to suggest that there must be an live customer support to fiverr users .i am facing this issue from last 7 days and CS is struggling hardly to solve …:deer::deer: LIVE CS will may solve this problem with in minutes…

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that’s a Great suggestion.

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This part is true in theory.

Also true in theory. The problem is that the execution is a different matter. It is very expensive for a company to set up a real live support system. Fiverr has what many companies already have, they use some sort of live chat application from time to time and they have made it available occasionally already. I think they’ve dabbled with the idea of making something like that available to buyers-only or perhaps Pro sellers. The reality is just different.

I used to work full-time for a company about the size of Fiverr. We had live chat available from 7AM-6PM in USA Central time. It was for a narrow audience made up of K-12 teachers who were calling in for tech support. I started out doing live chat support though I quickly switched to technical writing because live chat was awful. The company had a team of 25 employees just to handle support and they had to juggle live chat and email. It was very high stress, the pay was low and it was easy to lose your job if you had to miss a live session while you took a break. There was no support at all for our clients outside of those times, so there was still a long wait for people who sent email after hours.

For Fiverr to do the same, they would be supporting not just a small audience, but a global one. Many buyers and sellers are not proficient in English. If they only offered live support in the Miami time zone, many buyers and sellers would find that inconvenient. Any way you look at it, a lot of support issues would roll over to email support and those users would feel like they were neglected.

Great idea? Yes, for a company with the means and staff to support it. Feasible for Fiverr? Very questionable.


as you said it’s not. But for getting a quick support they can reduce the time of emailing back or support time. This will be enough of lot of sellers. Btw thanks for making it more clear.


Great idea. Live support is good idea


A company would have to be extremely rich to afford Live Customer Support. Amazon has it, they’re worth billions. They can afford to have CS working 24/7.

Write a simple letter, keep it brief, and CS will help you. No need for live customer support.


Amazon has the most amazing customer support. They solve the problem within a minute, always. You tell the problem, they give a refund and you are done. Maximum time spent on it, less than five minutes.

You can do it by phone or live chat. They make it TOO easy to keep buying.


I think it can be done easily
If we pay %80 instead of %20

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Yes it will be very helpful service for Buyer & Seller…

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