Live Feedback with CEO Micha Kaufman on Twitter


This is everyone’s year of doing. As a part of our #InDoersWeTrust campaign launch, we would love to take this opportunity to solicit community feedback about what Fiverr should be “doing” next. RIGHT NOW our CEO, Micha Kaufman, is replying to community ideas on Twitter. Please join him there: https://■■■■■■■■■■■/michakaufman/status/819257959045701632



This is awesome. Following


FYI - You can still tweet at him, but there’s a good chance that he won’t get back to you right away. Thanks everyone for submitting ideas and feedback!


@mjensen415 Can users post their ideas in this thread here too? I am sure a lot more would participate but not a lot seem to be active on Twitter.


Nice, yes, and adding to Anna’s post, not a lot might be active on Twitter or might not want to use their Twitter account for either not being sure on how that pans out with the no contact info thing or not wanting their Twitter easily linked to their fiverr account for privacy reasons.


and I just read his tweet that the suggestions are going to be on forum soon.
Is that true?
I hope our usernames will be invisible!


This whole thing felt kind of rushed. There was no time for us to plan any organized proposals, mr Kaufman responded to 3 tweets then bailed and that was it I guess.

It would be nice if we can keep the discussion going here or maybe hold a Q&A with fiverr staff?


I would like to know more about this part, and it´s implementation:

Feedback: a platform for real time conversation like skype / voice , many clients want to talk about there projects

Answer: we are aware of this need and plan to introduce something for real time chatting soon


You app would let you reconnect with artist/designer of the gig after it has been completed…the workers on here pressure you then cut off once you say you like it…there are a few flaws in your communicate and what the clients wants and standards achieved…the file formats won’t let any mods once you have received file…i paid for it…i own it!!! I shoukd be able to put it in any format …
Please explain and reply