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Live Portfolio After Gig has been rated

I’ve completed a gig and I think the buyer didn’t allow to use the work in my portfolio. I contacted the seller and they agreed, but it’s still not showing up, how will it show up? can they still allow even after the order has been completed?


I have no idea, but probably not. If he didn’t allow it in the first place, it’s probably because he wants avoid it being copied or whatever. Maybe he only told you he allowed it, but didn’t. I have no idea, but from the little I know, once the review has been sent it cannot be modified.

First, check the gig and in gig options, notice if the live portfolio option is checked on your gig in which you have just sold. If Live Portfolio is checked on your gig it’s okay here. Now every time you deliver a service, attach a screenshot of the work along with the delivery file. If you follow these steps, a live portfolio will be added to your gig with every delivery of service after being successfully delivered and accepted by the buyer. But sorry to say, you cannot get back the live portfolio for the service you already delivered. I think this will help.


Can you explain what does attaching a screenshot do here?

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When providing your final delivery to the buyer attach a screenshot (if the file relates HTML file), or video (if applicable) and this will be added to your live portfolio with buyer’s feedback for the gig you’ve submitted the task. But it is subject to the buyer’s approval. That means buyer can either accept or reject the request of adding the screenshot, video as live portfolio.

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