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Live portfolio checked?


My job on fiverr is to be discreet and for some reason this box was checked and I think I lost most of my customers because of it. Fiverr, how could this have been checked if I didn’t even know what it was?


When you open an account everything is at default, it’s your job to now tweak it to your liking.


Was this something Fiverr just added without notifying us? I don’t remember it being there five years ago when I signed up.


I don’t know about five years ago but I do know that 2016 when I joined it was there, the seller and the buyer have an option to choose whether they want the work displayed or not. When the seller disables it, it affects all the final delivery but when a buyer disables it, it affects only the final output to that specific buyer.


I wasn’t aware of that even being an option. Did you just add it recently?

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Thank you for the insight, I tried to follow up on the thread, but it has since been flagged, so not to offend anyone, it will remain that way unfortunately, but I do appreciate your comments for more information


It was flagged because of the links to other non fiverr services.


It must have been others posting under the thread, b/c I certainly didn’t
do that. It is too bad others can ruin things! It just makes it bad for

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Even this one will be flagged because it links to amazon, jka. This are all outside fiverr services so they are basically against the rules


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No problem, I have edited and unhidden your previous comment too.


No it ain’t private, it’s public. I see that maybe you are replying directly from the email notifications.


Yes I was I would like to please delete most of this thread that is irrelevant to others. Thank you.