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Live Portfolio Confusion and Sadness


Hello there!
I wonder if any of you have had any trouble with live portfolio. I’ve had mine switched on for the duration my gig has been active and have delivered (I think) 16 orders, but none of them show up when viewing my gig. Am I missing some important step? If you can help at all, I would really appreciate it! Thanks :smiley:

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I think there is an option for buyers for if they want their work included in the live portfolio they can opt in if not they can opt out. Could be the buyers didn’t want others to see what they ordered (noted from a past topic).


It might be that it doesn’t put audio deliveries in there - only things like images and videos.


Ah gotcha! Thanks for letting me know !


Hi @marygk
You Need Show your Portfolio samples in your gig. so next orders add your video in “upload work” option
and after marked your order so your portfolio sample is also show in your gig.
Note : But You also Upload your work in MP4 3GP PNG JPEG PDF. no zip rar or other file.

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Yea, buyers choose if they want to make public that work you did for them. It could be sensitive information that cannot be displayed. :slight_smile:


Ok! Thank you so much!!

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