Live Portfolio featured pic control


Is there a way to control which pic to be featured in the LIVE PORFOLIO from those of the delivery, in the review that the buyer gives? Say I want only mock-ups to be featured but I can’t seem to figure out if it’s the first or the last image of the delivery to be fetured. Mostly last images of the delivery were featured in my experience but this rule didn’t always happened to be true. Seems a little bit random… Anybody knows the trick?


Guess who! :smirk:
Deliver the JPEG with the Mockup and the rest of the files as .zip


I believe the image you see in the “live portfolio” link will be the image featured - unless removed by the buyer.


Yes but wich? the last image? Say I deliver several image files… Is only the last image attached going to be featured or there is something I don’t get here?


It’s the image you see.


Point is can I control which one to see?


Yes there are arrows on the thumbnail if you hover your cursor. Click to move to the one you want.