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Live Portfolio for Voice Work?


Is there anyway to have a live portfolio for voice work? I turned LP on but it doesn’t look like voice samples get included in that, too bad… would be a great way to let people see what you’ve done.


I don’t have a gig in anything audio related, so I’m not 100% sure what options are available to you, but my first thought would be to add a video with clips of your voice samples.


Yeah I was just hoping I could do it on the fly as I post jobs.


When the jobs post complete and the customer reviews, the completed jobs will show up in the portfolio if it is turned on. The customer does have the option to not post the job public, but most don’t understand it. I’ve had to keep mine totally off because a lot of my deliveries cannot be public and it’'s difficult to manage what shows and what doesn’t.

When someone requests samples, I send a link to a Dropbox folder of samples.


You could deliver a quick video file with a Graphic about the Recording along with each audio file you want in your LP. Graphic could include Client or Job name, total run time, format ect… and see if Fiverr posts those to your live portfolio?

You can also post a longer compilation demo on YouTube if your clients are cool with that.

Most of what I do buy on Fiverr is voice acting. If there is no demo then I don’t waste my time but also hearing real portfolio bits is a great bonus to hear an artist’s range.

What you do have going for you is that your Fiverr demo seems cleanly recorded on a quality mic.

Do you do voice acting and or funny characters?