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Live Portfolio Issue? (June 2015)

Usually, when I upload files in the delivery window (in this case jpegs), a thumbnail shows on the right allowing me to cycle through and select the one I want displayed in my portfolio. The last few orders I delivered this week didn’t have that. Instead, that area was empty.

I tried uploading only a single file and there was still no thumbnail to view. Once I click submit, it does show the preview of the images delivered, but I really need to be able to choose at the time I’m delivering them which one I want displayed.

I’m not sure when this started, but I didn’t change anything and my live portfolio is still ticked on for all of my gigs. Also, since this started, I noticed that none of the deliveries are showing in my portfolio. I know that buyers can choose not to display it, but it would be an odd coincidence if every buyer since this started is opting out.

I think you should ask support and here what they are saying from their side. Good luck.

Thanks! I already submitted a ticket and I’m waiting to hear back. I did find threads about this, but they were scattered from other years. Didn’t see anything current about it.

I am not sure if this is your case but buyers do have the option to have their images as on/off.

On the contrary, your case, is probably a glitch.

Thanks! It seems Fiverr is looking into it right now. The images did start showing up in the portfolio finally, but I still can’t view anything when I’m uploading them. Hopefully, they can figure that bit out.

Just an update if anyone else has the issue. It seems tech support was able to go in and fix it, so all is working fine again. Thanks!

Reply to @pfpgogo: Hi! It happens still. Or at least i got this problem often. I not really taking care of it, but if you want to be sure of having control of your preview, you can Upload as last file the one that you want to be shown.
i.e. you have 2 files and 1 preview.
Upload the 2 files, and the one for the preview once the first two will be completely loaded =)
This is how i do, and it works!
Have a great day!