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Live Portfolio Not working anymore

Hello Fiverr Community!

I hope this is not a duplicate post if it is I will delete it.

So I have this gig of Illustrating characters and have been doing well on sales, but suddenly after completion of orders my live portfolio does not update anymore. I have read forums on why does this happen and found out buyers can turn in off on purpose and the live portfolio mode might be off. So, I checked out the setting of my gig and it is definitely on, I have even read a Fiverr team post that Gig under all illustration will have their live portfolio always on and cannot be turned off. As for the buyer’s case turning it off I dont believe it is the case because I have been on delivering on different people and it still wont update.

Although I have created a ticket for the help support, I just want to share it here and maybe someone know’s how.



Anyone having the same issue?

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Buyer chooses to not display the work.


When the buyer accept the order he has option which allows him to let that design be visible in your gig portfolio or not. I usually ask my buyers to let them be visible and them let them visible :slight_smile:

I did asked my buyer and told me he left it visible (2 of them confirmed).
My fifth order complete but live portfolio still not updating.

Thanks for the reply man

I asked my buyers and they told me they left it visible.

I wonder wha’ts wrong