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Live portfolio on my gig?


Hi everyone!

I have a hand-lettering/calligraphy type gig and I’ve made a few sales. However, many of the samples that are shown on my live portfolio aren’t really representative of my work due to buyer requests. A few are in styles that I personally find a little amateurish and don’t typically do, and one is literally just the number “7.” I’m considering turning live portfolio off, but I also feel like having it on makes me seem more credible.

I would be super grateful if you could take a look at my gig and let me know if my live portfolio images negatively (or positively!) affect the way you see my gig. Thanks!


from what I can see your portfolio looks fine, especially since the reviews are positive :slight_smile:
Having a portfolio on your gigs is great and buyers will trust you more, so I definitely recommend that you keep them on.

Btw I think the 7 is quite funny, I recommend keeping that as well :smiley:

Hope it helps


I would say that you should keep it.

By the way, the live portfolio looks quite similar to your profile example from calligraphic prospective so I wouldn’t say that there is a problem with that.
(But if you are worried just add more examples to 3 portfolio photos that you are allowed to upload