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Live Portfolio Problems

You used to be able to message Fiverr CS and let them know if you wanted something deleted from your portfolio, and they would delete it. However, now if you would like something deleted in your portfolio, they tell you that you have to message the Buyer of the specific portfolio example and ask their permission to have something deleted in your portfolio. I find that might be a bit insulting to a Buyer, and if the order was 3 years ago, it may be hard to even contact the Buyer because they may not even use or come on Fiverr anymore. You shouldn’t need to have the Buyers permission to delete something in your own portfolio. How does this even make sense? I find the way that the portfolio functions to be inefficient and even confusing for Sellers and Buyers. Isn’t there a better way, and why can’t we have more control over our own portfolios?



Has this been addressed now? I’m curious to learn more about it.