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Live Portfolio Question: Are MP3s Eligible to Appear on Live Portfolio?

I can direct this to @oldbittygrandma or another Fiverr Sheriff or member:

I produce music intros for podcasts and websites for some of my my Fiverr buyers and deliver them a MP3 file. Are those available as well under the Live Portfolio or is it just images and videos?



Reply to @madmoo: I think the stock video idea that @oldbittygrandma mentioned is a good one.

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thanks, great idea. I could also run the MP3 on Windows Media Player using the Visualization feature giving a different visualization every time and then taking a screen capture. I am going to try that for a gig I just delivered.

@oldbittygrandma: One more question about videos: Do you know what formats are supported? If .MOVs and .MP4s both accepted into the live portfolio?

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Cool! Thanks.

Reply to @madmoo: Excellent. Thanks for your quick response!

Hi hotwebideas, did you ever find a method that let’s mp3 files show up in live portfolio?

i compelet my 2 order but my live potfolio option on my gigs is checked and i don’t know what does it means

It means the buyer has an option when accepting an order to have your work displayed in the live portfolio. If they choose not to have it displayed, it won’t. I’m also not sure if it shows up straight away for new sellers. I remember it took months before my live portfolio actually started showing up. MP3’s will show up with a default place holder