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Live Portfolio questions

I may have an issue with my Live Portfolio, or I just haven’t fully figured it out yet, hopefully someone can help out with it - I am aware that buyers have the option to not show your work on your portfolio, and I assumed this happened with my gigs, but I asked one of my customers if that was what he did and he said he had no issues with me displaying my work on my profile and he did not check the option. I looked through my gig settings and I do have Live Portfolio checked - is there a specific requirement I need to meet in order for images to be displayed on my portfolio? Will they not display unless they are of a certain size or file format?

Another question I have is if it’s possible to remove certain images from the portfolio - the very first order I got was a very simple email header and footer image set, and at the time I did not know you could change the image that appears on the portfolio to something else or choose which one to display, so in the end only the footer showed up on my portfolio, which isn’t the most attractive, and also my client’s telephone number and email is now prominently displayed on my portfolio through that image. Is there a way I can remove or change this image? Thanks!

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I think you have to ask Customer Support to remove it for you.

I recently had a similar question to Fiverr about the Portfolio “selection” for the customer. Here is what Fiverr told me:

“The buyer will not get to select what appears if they choose to have anything appear. The first image or file you deliver will be the image that is used for the Live Portfolio. If you have any further questions pertaining to this, or any other matter, please contact us.”

Since I’ll be sending multiple files, I’ll need to adjust my way about delivery of the files. From what I’ve heard around here, you/I can put the files we DON’T want to be set in the portfolio in a .ZIP file and then send the one you/I want in the portfolio… just as we normally would- as one other file.